FLUID BED DRYER (Model – GMP)


Prime Cosultant and Engineers fluid bed dryer is the right combination of an accurate controlled air direction flow with the exact air speed to minimize the pressure drop in the fluid bed, to ensure a perfectly balanced process preventing granule agglomeration and allowing a uniform fast growing of the granule with low and controlled moisture residual.

Fluid Bed Dryer – Granulator combines unique design with unmatched granulation performance. The process unit is two piece made of SS-304 / 316 stainless steel.

Through mixing of Dry powders, Agglomeration and Drying are carried out in one unit of Prime Cosultant and Engineers Fluid Bed Dryer.

Our company is noted as one of the well known manufacturers and suppliers of Fluid Bed Dryer.

In this dryer, wet material is fed in its shaking perforated steel bed through which the drying air flows. As the material passes along the dryer it gradually loses moisture until due to the hot air and the target dryness is achieved. After that it reaches to point where the material has to pass through a cooling zone.

The Fluid Bed Drying technique is deal for the rapid, even drying of chemical, pharmaceutical and food products. The material may be in granulater, power or crystalline form. Normally an initial Is ideal but materials with higher initial moisture content can be dried successfully.


  • Short Drying time
  • Sturdy structure
  • Uniform Drying at low temperature
  • Instrinsically safe Earthing system
  • Fan motor unit can be placed in remote areas
  • Minimum handling more Hygeinic
  • All contact parts are made out of S.S.304/316 and provided with isolated control panel
  • Available in standard / GMP model
  • Heating Mode electrical / Steam / Thermic Fluid
  • Inflating tube for filterbag sealing (available)